RF sheilding and EMI protect

We live in an actively developing world of technologies that bring us not only amenities, but also harm to our health and quality of life. Dataway SecurityTM Faraday Bag for Phone – security, versatility and convenience in one product. We’ve designed a shielding bag for everyday use, no matter your business or location. The elegant and thoughtful design will suit both men and women. The product is made of genuine high-quality leather and has two pockets – one of them has a triple shielding layer of fabric, placing your device in it you block cellular signal, WiFi, 5G, Bluetooth, NFC and GPS.  The second pocket remains non-shielding, which is convenient if you need to be in touch while protecting the phone from mechanical scratches. 

Dataway Security Faraday Bags for phone

Security and EMI Protect

Put your mobile phone in Faraday’s shielding pocket, you keep your digital data safe in crowded and public places from intruders. When you come home, you can protect the health of your loved ones by enclosing the device in a faraday cage and drowning out the electromagnetic radiation from your phone. Which will improve the quality of your sleep.  


Leather case for Iphone with protect 5G


Faraday bag for phone is suitable for all models of mobile phones, regardless of manufacturer and operating systems. The design of product is flexible and versatile, which allows you to apply it in everyday use, irrespective of your type of activity.   

luxury case for iPhone with signal blocking


If you want to be in peace and solitude, you just need to place your device in a secure pocket. Dataway SecurityTM Farady Bag for phone prevents tracking of your location through satellite navigator mechanisms, mutes the signal of mobile operators and blocks the eavesdropping of your phone through third-party software applications.